California War on Cars Watch: Walk San Francisco Urges Public Statewide to Push for Strong Recommendations on Setting Speed Limits (Vision Zero Watch)

Earlier this year, California set up a task force to discuss the way California sets speed limits and recommend potential changes, but safety advocates are worried that its findings and recommendations won’t go far enough. Walk San Francisco is urging people who are concerned about safe streets to weigh in.

Convened in response to A.B. 2363 from Assemblymember Laura Friedman, the Zero Fatalities Task Force has been meeting since June. It includes city planners, state agency staff, local elected leaders, AAA, CHP, and at least one gadfly, 25 members in all. But its meetings have been closed to outside observers, and information released about its deliberations has been limited.

So far. In a few weeks, the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) will release a draft of its recommendations. The report, based on what was learned and discussed in the course of the workshops–including university research on speed limits, speed as a factor in crashes, and related topics–is due to the legislature by January 1.