California: Stanislaus County to Use Active Transportation Program (Road Diets) to Improve a Neglected Neighborhood

One of the recent Active Transportation Program (ATP) staff recommendations $4.9 million for Stanislaus County to build bike lanes, sidewalks, and crosswalks in Modesto’s Airport neighborhood. The area encompasses a largely Latino community, a regional park, and an industrial area, and is split between the city of Modesto and Stanislaus county.

The total project will cost $6.1 million, with the remainder coming from Measure L, the county’s half-cent sales tax. Bazyuk said the project proposes at least 21,850 feet of bicycle lanes, which will be the first bike lanes in the neighborhood.

The dual jurisdiction of the neighborhood has led to inconsistencies in the quality and type of infrastructure in the area. For instance, within the city boundaries the streets have sidewalks, but outside those limits some roads do not. The project will improve that ratio, adding 11,000 linear feet of sidewalks and 22 new crosswalks.