California Editorial: It’s too early to make plans to replace Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Marin’s state assemblyman, Marc Levine, appears to be jumping the gun.

He can’t wait for state engineers’ assessment on the estimated lifespan of the 5.5-mile-long Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and is asking the public, via a website his office has created and on social media, to help design a new span.

“Nothing lasts forever, including workhorse bridges like the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge,” the Greenbrae Democrat wrote. “Now is the time for our community to begin a conversation about what type of bridge will meet our long-term needs.”

Nothing may last forever, but the state’s planning and design process will seem to. And from where is the estimated $8.2 billion to build a new one going to come? By the way, that estimate comes from Caltrans via a Metropolitan Transportation Commission report.