California: Coachella Valley transportation funds from SB1 would link money to housing–Declaration from the Governor’s Budget

In the Coachella Valley, state transportation funds will help pay for two more lanes along a portion of Highway 111 in Indio, resurface a stretch of Monterey Avenue in Palm Desert and reconstruct a section of Avenue 54 in Coachella.

The projects are thanks in part to the $2 billion destined for Riverside and San Bernardino counties through Senate Bill 1, the transportation package signed into law in 2017 that generates revenue through an increase in the state gas tax.

But in his first proposed budget, Governor Gavin Newsom said his administration would discuss “linking” transportation funds like these to state housing goals meant to encourage new homebuilding. Newsom framed the proposal more bluntly in a Jan. 10 presentation unveiling the budget proposal.