California: City of San Bernardino Awarded $10 Million to Improve Safety and Traffic Management on City Streets

The City of San Bernardino was awarded nearly $10 million from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program for projects that focus on improving safety and traffic management at intersections throughout the City. Securing the funding was a significant accomplishment that demonstrated San Bernardino’s need to reduce accidents and make travel more efficient.

“The City must continue to move toward being financially resourceful and this award is a great example of how we can improve the City’s infrastructure while pursuing opportunities that don’t require a City funding share,” said Mayor of San Bernardino John Valdivia. “Once complete, these projects will make our streets safer and easier for people to travel through our City.”

Specific improvements will include:

The upgrading of 224 existing signalized intersections within the City to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety. The $5.49 million project will install new signal hardware, add pedestrian countdown signal heads, improve push buttons, and replace faded components and unstable mountings – all of which will have an immediate positive impact by reducing crash rates and making it easier for motorists and pedestrians to cross through intersections.