California: Bay Area sees nation’s biggest traffic drop in race to contain coronavirus

The Bay Area’s shelter in place order to contain the spread of COVID-19 has slashed car traffic more dramatically than any other major urban area in the country, new research shows.

The disappearance of the Bay Area’s fearsome congestion has been cutting smog and could also be helping keep supply chains strong: Trucks and the goods they haul are moving much faster than normal through our typically traffic-choked region.

According to the transportation research firm INRIX, there were half as many cars on the road in the Bay Area last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday than there would have been on a normal day.

The declines were nationwide, with 30 percent fewer cars on the road across the country on Thursday and Friday. But that didn’t come close to matching the Bay Area, which saw a 50 percent dip Wednesday, and 51 percent Thursday and Friday.