Burlington, Vermont: How do police test for drugged drivers?

In recent months, Vermont authorities have ramped up the hiring of drug recognition experts to help determine if a driver is impaired on something other than alcohol. But, defense lawyers and the ACLU are among those who continue to criticize the move, saying DREs are not scientifically reliable.

“The state’s trying to take subjective observations and make them look like scientific results, and they’re not,” Sleigh said.St. Johnsbury-based attorney David Sleigh said when it comes to the credibility of the drug recognition protocol, the margin for human error is just too much to trust.

WCAX wanted to see what the standardized, voluntary 12-step DRE evaluation looks like. In a demonstration, Dan Goodman of AAA played the role of an impaired driver and Vermont State Police Trooper Jay Riggen conducted the evaluation.