Buffalo, NY: Facial recognition for Peace Bridge trucks could cut congestion in half

Some day in the near future while zipping across a congestion-free Peace Bridge, you might thank all those truckers smiling for the camera.

A joint pilot program of the Peace Bridge Authority and U.S. Customs and Border Protection is testing new facial recognition technology in Fort Erie, Ont., that could drastically reduce backups caused by commercial traffic. If the program works as expected in using artificial intelligence equipment to capture images of truckers heading from Canada to the U.S., officials hope the system will expedite the border crossing experience and reduce bridge congestion by as much as half.

If the pilot is successful, cameras clicking on trucker mugs could become standard for crossing into the U.S. as soon as midway into the new year.

“By using technology on the Canadian side, we can assist U.S. Customs on the U.S. side to expedite the process,” said authority General Manager Ron Rienas. “We could cut inspection time in half.”