Louisiana: Baton Rouge PD working to add live traffic camera feed into Real Time Crime Center

The Baton Rouge Police Department hopes to start incorporating live feeds of the red light cameras into the Real Time Crime Center. Chief Murphy Paul said this could help the department track a suspect’s movement through new, advanced technology.

“If there was a robbery that happened and we were looking for a specific vehicle, we could download that into our software and say ‘hey we are looking for a red vehicle’ and the software would look for a red vehicle,” Paul said.

Baton Rouge Chief Administrative Officer Darryl Gissel said the verbiage of the new contract with Verra Mobility, the traffic camera company, allows BRPD to access those live camera feeds. Gissel said it also allows the city-parish to add more red light cameras if city leaders choose to do so. We have requested a copy of that recently approved one-year contract and will update this story when that is made available.