Broad coalition created to push for New York City congestion tolls

A broad coalition of organized labor, environmental advocates, business groups and private companies is launching a new lobbying effort to introduce congestion tolls in Manhattan.

The alliance, known as the Fix Our Transit coalition, was created to push state lawmakers to approve the tolls, which would be levied on vehicles entering the busiest parts of Manhattan as a way to raise money for New York City’s deteriorating subways and transit system.

“After years of neglect, commuter confidence in New York’s public transit system is at an all-time low,” coalition spokeswoman Alex Matthiessen in a statement given to The Associated Press. “Few New Yorkers have faith that Albany will rise to the occasion to secure the funding needed to fix, upgrade and modernize the system once and for all. The time has come for the Legislature to join Governor Cuomo in getting behind congestion pricing.”

The coalition announced its effort Wednesday. Groups signing on include several chambers of commerce, labor unions like the AFL-CIO, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters, several members of the clergy, and other companies including Uber, Lyft and Brooklyn Brewery.