Boston City Council Wants To Know BPD Traffic Enforcement Plan — And Whether There Is One

uesday’s hearing, called by City Councilor Timothy McCarthy, sought to explore to enforcement-related issues: The potential use of so-called “red light” cameras to automatically catch and fine speeding drivers; and the fact that Boston’s police department has no centralized traffic enforcement division.

Boston is the only sizeable Massachusetts city whose police department doesn’t have a dedicated traffic enforcement division. Instead, enforcement is carried out on a district-by-district basis, often delegated to just one or two officers per district.

BPD Deputy Superintendent Kevin McGoldrick was unable to tell council members how many speeding tickets the department issued last year, saying the BPD doesn’t keep a breakdown of the numbers.

Meanwhile, as WGBH News reported earlier this year, the Boston Police Department appears to be the only municipality in the commonwealth that doesn’t track and report bicycle and pedestrian crashes.