Canada: Bluink launches verified biometric digital identity tool in British Columbia

Bluink’s eID-Me verified digital identity smartphone app tied to the user with biometrics is now available across Canadian province British Columbia, supporting BC Services Card, BC Driver’s License, and combined BC Driver’s License and Services Card, the company announced.

Before its release in British Columbia, eID-Me had already been successfully launched in Ontario and Quebec. Although not currently available, the team is already working on a system to verify address stickers on ID cards. eID-Me does not replace legal ID documents, but it can be a secure backup on a smartphone.

eID-Me now offers support for nine identity documents. A valid Canadian passport and the province’s driver’s license or photo card with an address on it will be necessary when registering for the service. Biometric facial recognition technology is used to compare the ID document photo against a selfie and for liveness checking.