Blackfoot, Idaho: ITD looks at ‘diet’ for Riverside

The Idaho Transportation Department is looking into putting the Riverside area on a “road diet” along Highway 39 through town.

Corey Krantz, an ITD traffic engineer, told members of the Bingham County Joint Transportation Coalition Thursday in a meeting at the county courthouse that the department is proposing turning the four-lane stretch of the highway through town into three lanes.

The proposed change would have a protected left turn lane through the area instead of the current four lanes with no dedicated left turn lane, Krantz said. The speed limit would remain at 45 mph through Riverside, and it would go back down to two lanes at the Moreland Road intersection.

“People are jockeying for position through there. You have a tendency to have sideswipes and rear-end collisions there,” Krantz said. “This would improve safety and reduce speeding with people going faster trying to get around other vehicles.”