Bipartisan support building for Rep. McSweeney’s bill to ban red-light cameras in Illinois

Illinois state Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) leaves little to the imagination in stating his opinion of red-light cameras.

“Red-light cameras are an invitation for corruption and greed and have no place in our state,” McSweeney said in a post to Facebook. “They’re simply being used to raise additional revenue. That’s why I’m leading the bipartisan effort to ban red light-cameras in Illinois.”

Long one of the loudest critics of the practice, McSweeney has seen support for the proposed ban grow among legislators across the aisle amid a federal corruption probe tied to SafeSpeed LLC, one of the largest red-light camera operators in the state. McSweeney argues that the mere thought of such corruption is even harder to stomach when one stops to consider the cameras were never needed in the first place.