Bike lane violations to get $300 fine in New Orleans

The New Orleans City Council is raising the fine for blocking or parking cars in the city’s growing network of  bike lanes.

For years, the fine has been $40.  But Councilman Jay Banks is leading the effort to increase the fine to $300.

“It needs to be that high.  This is a public safety issue,” Banks told WGNO.  “You will never be affected by this fine if you do not park in the bike lane.  It could have been a million dollars, and it won’t affect you.”

The city is ramping up its effort to make the streets safer for bicyclists.  Along with the 100+ miles of bike lanes, the city has a $2.6 million grant to do more infrastructure work.  Also, some city officials recently returned from a trip to Spain to see how bicyclists are allowed to ride safely in some of its busiest areas.