Best Snow Tires–Keeping the Shiny Side Up in Snow and Ice

It’s that time of year again when the clouds open up and that beautiful, fluffy white stuff falls bringing joy to the hearts of ski resort operators everywhere. Kids build snowmen, dogs romp through the drifts and cars riding on All Season rubber slide into intersections smashing into each other. Then there’s the high school kid who can’t resist cutting cookies in the school lot. His All-Season tires don’t grip and he takes out two teachers’ cars. Winter road conditions can be tough on a car not to mention their owners. That’s why you need the best snow tires.

Before all you folks with crossovers, SUVs, and trucks equipped with AWD or 4WD start chanting “Bring it on,” let me remind you that drivetrains turn axles, they don’t touch the pavement. In fact, when everything is going to plan, the only things on your car that touch the road are your tires. Tires play a major role in keeping your ride on the road and under control. Snow, ice, slush and ice-cold temperatures can seriously interfere with that mission. And that’s why the best snow tires make so much sense.