Bars, police stay vigilant as fake IDs get better, easier to obtain

he use of fake identification to purchase alcohol has been going on for decades, but those fake IDs are only getting better and easier to obtain, officials say.

Fake IDs have “absolutely” gotten better over time, University of North Dakota Police Lt. Danny Weigel said. “I think as the technology improves, you see better watermarks underneath the IDs, and when you move them toward light they reflect differently; those have gotten better in the five, six, seven years,” he said.

Students are less likely to use a friend’s ID and pass it off as their own now, Weigel noted. Instead people are now able to purchase fake IDs by simply going online, filling out a bit of information and including a real photo of themselves.

“The IDs look completely legitimate. It has a picture of them on it, but usually they’re an out-of-state ID,” Weigel said. “On the surface it’s going to look completely normal if (a bartender or bouncer) is not completely familiar with that state’s identification and (the individual) might get served that way.”