Banning all phone use while driving brought before California lawmakers

Distracted driving kills thousands of people every year according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Now the board is asking lawmakers here in California to ban all phone use while driving.

Currently, in California, you can take calls through Bluetooth or a hands-free device like a dashboard mount, but this recommendation would take that away.

A local Uber and Lyft driver says it would make his job nearly impossible.

“We receive calls from riders when we are going to pick them up for a different change of direction or different location of pick up and without being able to do that we wouldn’t be able to service our customers,” said Steven Kastner, a local Uber and Lyft driver.

This recommendation is brought up as National Distracted Driving Awareness month kicks off.

“What better place to start than is here in California and I did say if California will lead NTSB stands by them to support the legislation.”

Distracted driving is something the California Highway Patrol is already cracking down on locally.