Backlash Against Signs in New Milford, Connecticut Might Lower Speed Limits

The public backlash against the wave of traffic signs warning about a curved road could result in the lowering of speed limits on those roads, the News Times is reporting.

The signs began appearing in New Milford in December, the product of a state program meant to make driving along curved, rural roads safer. In many of these installations, in New Milford and in neighboring towns, they have been greeted with outrage and regarded as an eyesore.

Signs have been installed or are being installed on Barker Road, Big Bear Hill Road, Brown’s Forge Road, Gaylord Road, Geiger Road, Little Bear Hill Road, Long Mountain Road, Ridge Road, Second Hill Road, South Kent Road, Squash Hollow Road, Station Road and West Meetinghouse Road. How many signs must be installed in a particular area is generally determined mathematically, factoring the difference between the posted limit and the suggested speed limit to safely travel around the curve. Lower the speed limit, reduce the number of signs needed to fulfill the state mandate.