Worldwide Survey: Autonomous mobility solutions could cut car ownership in half

CURRENTLY, auto sales are an indicator of consumer’s confidence in the economy and perhaps even a marker of national prosperity. When auto sales are down, it’s not just the car manufacturers who worry, but also analysts and regulators.

However, that’s changing slowly. With ride-hailing on the rise, millennials decided to re-think whether or not they needed a car, and a lot of individuals seem to have decided to avoid making a purchase.

According to new research from Accenture, that trend is likely to see another significant growth spurt with the arrival of autonomous mobility solutions such as self-driving buses and taxis.

The company surveyed 7,000 consumers in the US, Europe, and China, 85 percent of whom were car owners and found that revenues from mobility services were expected to reach nearly EUR1.2 trillion (US$1.32 trillion) by 2030.