Automakers will turn heads at CES 2019 — but check out those technologies

If 2019’s CES follows precedent, automakers will attract the biggest herds of journalists to view their newest technologies and most recent progress in self-driving vehicles.

Which is only fair.

CES — a sprawling and rowdy Las Vegas electronics trade show — has only partly to do with autos.

But it has nonetheless elbowed its way into the auto industry’s line of vision in the past few years as yet another new-car show, tantalizing audiences with the latest and most futuristic features automakers have to offer.

But component suppliers deserve attention, too. Parts makers with roots in consumer electronics are spending billions to advance the lidar systems, supercomputers, artificial intelligence, “smart” cockpits, gesture controls and all the other gadgets that autonomous vehicles require.This week, several key suppliers are offering CES attendees a peek at those technologies.