Automakers Jockey for Position in Battle for the Dashboard

Technology has changed every industry it’s touched: telecommunications, music, media and finance are just a few examples. After all, hardly anyone has a home phone, buys newspapers or CDs or goes into a bank for routine transactions anymore.

Although it’s been delayed compared to other industries, automotive is now being transformed by technology. Over the past decade, in-dash infotainment has radically shifted to include cloud-connected content and automakers have continually played catch-up to a tech industry that moves at a much faster pace.

Ten years ago, OEMs were struggling just to implement iPod integration to satisfy consumer demand to plug the popular devices into their vehicles, and the only connectivity in cars (beyond telematics) was via Bluetooth-linked mobile phones. Fast-forward 10 years and almost every OEM offers some form of connectivity, either through an embedded cellular modem, a driver’s smartphone or a combination of the two.