Detroit Auto Show 2019: Autobon AI Wants To Turn All Trucks Into Autonomous Trucks

In the past week, Daimler Trucks announced that it will begin selling a Level 2 autonomous truck to the U.S. market. That Cascadia model offers both steering and acceleration/deceleration control, giving the truck the ability to utilize both adaptive cruise control at all speeds along with active lane-assist technologies.

While the announcement of a Level 2 truck is exciting for many, it will take time for these vehicles to populate roadways. Even if every fleet in America turned over 20 percent of its equipment each year, it would take five full years for the entire vehicle population to include these features. And we know that not every fleet turns over that many trucks each year. In fact, the majority of trucks remain on the roadways for 10 years or more, opening a door to an aftermarket Level 2 solution.

Autobon AI, based in Lisle, IL, is one company hoping to fill that gap.