Australia Lets Redflex Off The Hook

Officials at Redflex Traffic Systems no longer have to worry about seeing any more of their fellow executives behind bars. The Melbourne-based firm told investors on Thursday that the Australian Federal Police have declined to file any charges in relation to red light camera bribery in the United States. The firm had been caught distributing millions of dollars to politicians and government officials in Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the Windy City, Redflex gave the deputy transportation director $2 million in return for his help in landing the red light camera contract that turned out to be worth $125 million to the company. Exposure of this and the two similar schemes in Ohio satisfied the US Department of Justice, which struck a bargain with Redflex on December 23, 2016. Prosecutors agreed to drop further charges in exchange for the company’s acceptance of responsibility for its actions. The deal was conditioned on payment of the $20 million fine assessed by a federal judge in Chicago, Illinois, and a $100,000 fine in Columbus, Ohio. The agreement also required Redflex to file regular reports documenting its efforts to implement anti-bribery training measures, though DOJ officials refuse to make the submissions available for public review.