Australia, Belgium, France, New Zealand, South Africa: Speed Camera Protests Cost Millions

Vigilantes wearing yellow vests have not let up as their unprecedented assault against the use of speed cameras in France continued into a third week. While protests have centered on the new global warming tax on gasoline, the yellow vest movement’s push back against photo enforcement is conveyed most effectively in the impact on the French national budget. RTL Radio calculated that speed camera revenue has dropped 15 percent since the beginning of the year, despite the nationwide lowering of speed limits on July 1. As the government’s budget had been counting on collecting 1.2 billion euros (US $1.4 billion) this year, the net loss could total 180 million euros (US $200 million). While French Interior ministry officials have asserted the slowdown in profits is related to drivers slowing down, the revenue loss matches the number of speed cameras that have been disabled. The current estimate is that 600 cameras are out of service, which represents one-fifth of all the fixed photo radar devices in the country. The experts at Radars Auto have put together a list of all the cameras destroyed since the yellow vest protests began.