Austin, TX traffic deaths going up for first time since adopting Vision Zero (Vision Zero Watch)

Austin’s new city budget just approved for fiscal year 2019-2020 invests $2.5 million toward Austin’s Vision Zero program:

$900,000 to create new positions in outreach, engineering and data analysis $500,000 in consulting costs $1.1 million for APD enforcement which pays for overtime in targeting speeding, DWI and distracted driving

“We’ve seen a positive impact. We just know to increase the scale of what we do,” says Lewis Leff, transportation safety officer for the City of Austin’s Transportation Department.

“It takes decades to really see the impact of those things so comparing a program that’s 3-4 years into a long-term goal—that’s really an ambitious goal. It’s going to take some time to achieve that,” adds Leff.

Austin originally aimed to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025– a goal that was less set-in-stone when CBS Austin asked about it Monday.