New York: Asset Forfeiture funding discussed by Putnam County officials

District Attorney Robert Tendy met with members of the Putnam Legislature Tuesday evening to discuss his department’s Asset Forfeiture account that provides training and equipment to police on the state, county, town and village levels.

Asset forfeiture is a civil action by which, as Tendy explained, the “instrumentality of the crime or the proceeds of that crime can be seized. The money that people earn when committing a crime or the materials used in the commission of a crime is our concern.”

The fund totals over $180,000 and results from property seized by authorities during the course of prosecuting crimes such as vehicles, homes and personal property.

In 2018 Tendy distributed more than $70,000 to members of the Cold Spring and Kent Police Departments, Putnam Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, District Attorney’s Office, Putnam Women’s Resource Center and the Putnam SPCA.