Nevada Assembly Bill Would Expand Restricted Driver’s Licenses to Students As Young As 14

Nevada law allows certain students to get a restricted driver’s license to drive to and from school. If public school students may qualify if the school district or board of trustees do not provide transportation, as long as they live in a county of less than 55,000 people or a town of less than 25,000. Private school students can also qualify for similar transportation issues, regardless of where they live. Assembly Bill 213 would expand the law so that charter school students could also qualify, regardless of where they live.

“A lot of students in high school want some vocational training but they are having a difficult time getting to these schools that provide some incredible training for them,” Assem. Alexis Hansen, R-Sparks said. “Students shouldn’t be penalized that live in populations over 55,000 and that’s where a lot of our public charters are.”