Ashland, Kentucky Editorial: Stay away from tolls

Anyone who does much driving outside of Kentucky knows the misery of toll roads. Like lambs, we drive down the interstate, stop, pay a toll, continue a few miles, pay another toll, then stop and do it all over again. There is, of course, the bizarre insanity of a system designed to make you pay the same tax every few miles. This makes zero sense. Slow down and stop to get fleeced. Repeat. If you are going to get on a road and be taxed for it, pay it once, and be done with it. Stopping and starting to pay tolls is absurd. Perhaps the worst example of this is in overtaxed, dysfunctional Illinois and the Chicago area, but there are many others to be found across the map. The interstate corridor stretching across the Midwest and leading to and from the Cleveland area is another example. The people who came up with these interstate toll i.e. find another way to tax people systems — well, they should have never been employed by government to begin with.