ARTBA, APTA: Poll shows focus should shift from border wall to funding roads, bridges

A new poll indicates that 87 percent of likely voters believe President Trump and the Democratic leadership in Congress should work together to pass legislation to improve the nation’s infrastructure.

The poll, commissioned by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association and the American Public Transportation Association, also shows that 52 percent oppose federal funding for building a wall between Mexico and the United States. According to the poll, 43 percent of voters support a wall, and the rest are unsure.

The poll’s questions concerning support for infrastructure showed bipartisan support among Republicans and Democrats, with more than 60 percent from each party saying improving infrastructure was “very important.” Most of the remaining respondents from both parties said it was “somewhat important.” Such bipartisan agreement, however, disappears for the border wall, with most Democrats opposing it and most Republicans in favor.

So ARTBA and APTA are hoping political leaders will shift focus to an issue that appears to have strong bipartisan support.