Arizona Truckers face unique challenges on the road amid COVID-19

In a time where so many places are shut down, truck drivers are finding it harder and harder to get what they need while they’re on the road. On Tuesday, Gov. Doug Ducey announced some eased restrictions on the Department of Transportation, but there are still some issues the unsung heroes deal with that the governor simply can’t fix.

“When it comes to getting essential foods and supplies Arizonans need, we are focused on getting our supply chain strong,” Ducey said.

Governor Ducey issued four new executive orders in a press conference Tuesday including travelers coming into Arizona from from  Connecticut, New York or New Jersey to self-quarantine for 14 days.

He was talking about truck drivers like Cassandra Fowler. She says life on the road is getting harder every day.

“They are now shutting down rest areas; they are shutting down service plazas on the toll roads,” she said. “People need to remember truck drivers only have public restrooms.”