Arizona Road Diet Watch: Phoenix Announces Bike Safety Improvements

In the first three and a half years of the voter-approved Transportation 2050 (T2050) plan, more than 157 miles of new dedicated bicycle lanes have been added to the city’s bicycle network. Additionally, in 2019, nearly 300 shared lane markings were installed in downtown Phoenix. Dedicated bicycle lanes are travel lanes exclusively for people riding bicycles. Shared lane markings visually reinforce to motorists that people on bicycles have the legal right to occupy the same space on the road as people driving cars.

The city also added 12 miles of buffered bicycle lanes in 2019 and is planning to install an additional 34 miles by 2023. The buffer (painted stripes) creates additional space between vehicles and people walking or bicycling, enhancing safety.

Many of these bicycle and shared lane markings are backed with green paint. The vibrant color helps draw attention to people bicycling and reminds people driving to be aware of people riding bicycles.