Yonkers, NY: Are Red Light Cameras Endangering People’s Lives?

Comparing 2017 to the year before the Red Light Cameras were put on City Streets:

Total Crashes have gone up a whopping 26%! Side Impact Crashes have gone up 4%! Rear end crashes have gone up 35%! Lastly, injuries have gone up 24%.

And they say these cameras are to make our streets safer? Who do our elected officials think they are kidding? Remember, this information comes out of Mayor Mike Spano’s administration, not some data that I concocted drinking Prosecco at the beach. As the AAA points out, what is even more egregious is the fact that Yonkers has performed no engineering studies to find out what’s going on here. And Yonkers adds a $15 fine to the cost of its tickets for ‘administration’ fees…