Are police who are seizing and selling property ‘policing for a profit’?

They call it, ‘Policing for Profit,’ and opponents of police powers to seize and sell anything that was used in connection with a criminal enterprise got the US Supreme Court to buy their argument.

In a recent unanimous decision, the high court ruled that the constitution limits the ability of state and local police to take and keep cash, cars, houses, and other private property from convicted criminals, particularly when it is used to enrich police departments.

Jason Pye with ‘Freedom Works’ says it happens all the time; someone is charged with a crime and police confiscate cash, cars, houses… any property they believe was used in the crime.

Pye says, “We call it, ‘policing for profit,’ where law enforcement can go and take people’s stuff…”

He says police sell the items and keep the money for the police department budget.  “…That’s a huge problem because forfeiture is theft for all intents and purposes.”