Are Interstate 80 accidents on the rise in Ohio?

So are accident numbers on their way up?  Police and ODOT say no.  An ODOT spokesperson says it may seem that way because I-80 is more high profile.

“A simple answer is there is a lot more traffic on Interstate 80 than on other routes too. So if you have a road that has 5,000-6,000 vehicles on it a day to a road that has 75,000 to 80,000 vehicles on it a day, of course, you’re going to see more crashes on an area of highway there,” said Justin Chesnic from ODOT.

As far as that safety corridor is concerned, authorities say the signs and the increased patrols are working.

“We work with the Ohio State Highway Patrol on that and the date is showing a 40% reduction in serious accidents or crashes,” added Chesnic.

All of the information and data that is gathered from accidents from within that safety corridor will be analyzed and maybe the safety corridor will be used in other parts of the state.