Amazon keeps on truckin’ with autonomous vehicle investments

Amazon has moved on as quickly as its same-day deliveries by announcing, almost concurrent with its breakup call to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, more than $1 billion of new funding for electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

On Feb. 15, a day after reporting on Amazon’s rejection of New York City as the site for H2, The New York Times focused on the positive with an article highlighting the e-tailer’s expanding portfolio of transportation investments. Amazon has recently invested $700 million in Tesla competitor Rivian and $530 millionin Aurora, an autonomous driving startup.

“For Amazon, this small investment is a good way to enlarge their bet on the E.V. [electric vehicle] market without having to tool up a plant to find out if it will fly,” commented Matt DeLorenzo, an editor at Kelly Blue Book. “Over time, the Rivian investment could give Amazon a starting point to own and operate an in-house package delivery business.”