Alabama Law Enforcement Agency or ALEA issues new hardship driver’s license law

A new law by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency could reinstate the driver’s licenses for nearly 20,000 Alabamians, whose licenses were suspended, for an inability to pay traffic tickets.

ALEA has issued a rule to allow people to apply for a hardship drivers licenses.

“This rule could help tens of thousands of people, over 20,000 alone had their licenses suspended just an for inability to pay for fines and fees that were assets to them,” said Dev Wakeley.

Dev Wakeley with Alabama Arise says, this hardship licenses rule will lift barriers for thousands of families.

“Previously these people had no real option for getting to work, taking their children to school for going to the grocery store, or the doctor even,” Wakeley said.

Hardship licenses would restore limited driving privileges for people who lost their licenses due to unpaid fines or offenses unrelated to public safety