Albuquerque, New Mexico: Police urge pedestrians to use crosswalks, as number of people hit by cars skyrockets

So far in 2018, more people have gotten hit by cars in Albuquerque compared to 2017. Albuquerque police said there’s an easy fix. APD said for now, the most simple solution is for everyone to use a crosswalk, no matter how far it is from your destination.

“If people would just use the crosswalks and obey the traffic laws, we could really drive these numbers down,” said Albuquerque Police Department PIO Simon Drobik.

APD said there have been more than 100 pedestrian crashes in 2018. Sixty-seven were deadly and 33 were at the fault of the person crossing the street.

“Basically meaning that the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk, wasn’t using a lighted area and got struck by vehicle,” Drobik said.