Alabama Drivers’ Fight of Red-Light Cameras Likely Headed Into Skid; 11th Circuit Court Hears the Case

An 11th Circuit panel appeared highly unsympathetic Tuesday to Alabama drivers who argue a city ordinance unlawfully imposes fines on motorists caught by automated red-light cameras without giving them the right to confront their accuser.

In February 2017, Thomas Worthy, James Adams and insurer Willcox-Lumpkin Co. Inc. filed a class action in Alabama federal court alleging Phenix City and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. conspired to illegally profit from fines that are assessed after drivers are caught running red lights by Redflex’s cameras.

Adams and Worthy were each fined $100 after allegedly running red lights at intersections where Redflex’s automated cameras were installed.

The two men alleged that a determination of their guilt was made based solely on the images captured by the red-light cameras.