ACLU files lawsuit against Pennsylvania State Police for allegedly profiling drivers

The ACLU has just slapped the Pennsylvania State Police with a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims a PSP Trooper racially profile a Latino driver during a traffic stop.

In the suit, the driver says the trooper pulled her over on I-81 in Carlisle for speeding but alleges he only asked for her license, not her registration and insurance. According to the suit, the trooper then asked to see her green card. She produced a work visa. Shortly after, another officer arrived and arrested the passengers in her vehicle for not having papers. She was then issued a speeding ticket.

Back in January, State Police unveiled a new policy that says State Police cannot ask people during traffic stops for their I.D. to find out if they are in the country illegally.

The policy change was in response to a ProPublica investigation that revealed that state police were essentially acting as an arm of ice.