Albuquerque Metro Police respond to speed trap reporting app

Reporting an incident is almost effortless inside the app. During an active navigated route, Android-users of the app simply have to click an icon showing a dialogue bubble with a plus symbol in the middle of it. After clicking that icon, a list of items to report is displayed. That list includes crashes, traffic slowdown and speed traps.

“It’s understandable, people might want to be forewarned, they don’t want to get a speeding ticket but it is problematic for law enforcement,” said Gallegos.

New Mexico State Police State Police Lieutenant Mark Soriano also sees the potential in the speed trap reporting feature disrupting the agency’s work, which is often focused on highway and freeways.

“We’re out there to assure people get from point-A to their final destination safely,” said Soriano.

However, Lt. Soriano says the department isn’t too worried about the app causing trouble.

“It doesn’t change the way we do business,” said Lt. Soriano. “If they know that we’re in the area, maybe that will deter them, slow them down, and deter bad driving behavior.”