AAA cautions N.D. lawmakers on Increasing Speed Limits (HB 1264) (War on Cars Watch)

AAA is urging North Dakota lawmakers to exercise caution as they consider raising speed limits on certain highways.

As introduced, HB 1264 would increase the speed limit on interstate highways to 80 mph and on multi-lane divided highways to 75 mph. Current requirements are 75 mph and 70 mph, respectively.

“While AAA is not philosophically opposed to raising a given speed limit, we have reservations regarding the current proposal,” says Gene LaDoucer, North Dakota spokesman for AAA-The Auto Club Group. “It’s our view that maximum speed limits should be established with the goals of improving mobility, respect for the law and most importantly, motorist safety. Factors such as prevailing speeds determined by engineering measurements; collision history; and roadside development characteristics must be considered.”