A look inside the world of Mississippi civil asset forfeiture

Of the 315 forfeitures listed in the database up to December 31, only 137 listed the drug that led to the forfeiture. On the boilerplate notice of intent for forfeit used by many agencies such as the MBN, there is a blank line for listing what drug was involved. Most of the time, it was left blank.

Also, only 91 out of the 315 listed the circumstances that led to the forfeiture, such as a traffic stop or an outstanding felony warrant.

Some law enforcement agencies went above and beyond when it came to reporting requirements to maximize transparency.

The North Mississippi Narcotics Unit — which pools the resources of law enforcement agencies from five counties in the northern part of the state — includes the incident reports in all of its forfeiture documentation. From these, a reader can glean the circumstances of the seizure, the amount of contraband involved and the charges that were filed in connection with the seizure.