A Look Inside Bosch's Driverless Shuttle

Self-driving cars are inching closer to mainstream deployment, but in the meantime some of the first driverless vehicles we’ll see on the roads are fleets of autonomous mass transit buses and shuttles.

At CES here, German appliance and tech company Bosch—which makes everything from kitchen appliances and smart thermostats to connected city and transportation systems—showed off its new concept shuttle designed to decrease emissions while improving urban traffic flows.

The minimalist ride-sharing electric vehicle has a sleek, sci-fi-looking exterior made of displays screens and glass. The interior has four cushioned white seats with an infotainment tablet mounted on each side, plus standing room in the middle. Bosch plans to sell white-label shuttles to cities and local municipalities, offering not only the components and systems but software and services as well, such as reservation, ride-sharing, and parking apps.