6100 Parking Spots Eliminated in 2 Years Due to NYC War on Cars (NMA mention)

“The loss is staggering when you consider that the 6,100 spaces were taken in just two years (January 2018 through the end of this year), when it took 10 years for 2,300 spaces to vanish in Manhattan south of 125th Street between 2007 and 2017, according to DOT figures reported by NY1,” the Post’s Melissa Klein reported.

“In place of parking are bike lanes and their buffer zones, Citi Bike docking stations, spots for ride-share vehicles and, during warmer months, makeshift al fresco dining areas called “Street Seats,” the Post piece continued. “Hundreds of spots are gone for bike lanes in the East and West Villages, midtown and the Upper West Side.”

“Part of the war on cars, is definitely a war on parking,” Sheila Dunn, spokeswoman for the National Motorists Association, told the Post. “It’s really terrible because people use their cars for their businesses. It’s not like they’re just gallivanting around town.”