4 Companies Apply to Offer Scooters During Chicago’s Second Pilot Program

Four companies applied to take part in a second pilot program set to start next month and designed to settle once and for all if scooters should be allowed on Chicago’s streets.

City officials are evaluating the proposals, and will ultimately pick three firms to scatter 10,000 scooters across much of the city — four times as many allowed during the summer of 2019 — but the scooters will not be allowed downtown or along the lakefront or 606 trails, according to the city’s rules.

Officials declined to identify the firms that applied, but Lime announced in a news release that it had applied to participate in the program, and promised to offer a 50% discount for all rides starting on the South and West sides.

The nine companies that participated in the first pilot program were invited to apply to participate in the second test run, officials said.