2019 Heralds the 11th Consecutive Year of Raised Toll Prices for the PA Turnpike

On January 6, 2019, toll prices on the PA Turnpike were increased six percent from 2018’s prices, according to officials from the PA Turnpike Commission.

Many Lower Merion and Narberth residents use the PA Turnpike daily to drive around the state. And while the PA Turnpike Commission said that the increase will be useful for highway safety, it could have a significant impact on local commuters’ wallets in 2019.

Reports found on the Turnpike’s website indicate it now costs $50.40 to drive from Neshaminy Falls to Warrendale when paying by cash instead of EZPass. In 2018 the same trip cost $47.55.

While E-Z Pass Rates are substantially lower than cash costs, they too have increased in 2019. The Neshaminy Falls to Warrendale trip now costs E-Z Pass travelers $36.20.

This marks the 11th consecutive year that toll prices have increased on the Turnpike. This highway is not only one of the most traveled highways in the state, but it’s also one of the key roads that commuters throughout Lower Merion and Narberth use day in and day out.

According to the Turnpike Commission, the toll increase “is required to meet the PA Turnpike’s legislatively mandated funding obligation to support the Commonwealth’s public-transportation systems as well as to maintain and improve the 552-mile Turnpike.”