2018 Was a Hard Reality Check For Autonomous Cars

As the automotive industry continues to throw all of its weight behind developing self-driving technologies for the near-future, looking back on 2018—which included lawsuits, wake-up calls about limitations and the first known pedestrian fatality from a self-driving car—does anything but sell the promise of having feasible self-driving cars on the road anytime soon.

Contrary to what our tech overlords in Silicon Valley (and, to be fair, Detroit too) have been saying, we will not have fully driverless cars in a couple years. Or even several years. If anything, this last year has only proven that self-driving cars won’t be viable on a massive scale for decades.

So many of this year’s stories involved technology failing in everyday circumstances, companies delaying their development programs, governments that are clueless about what to do with the emerging tech, and even the success stories show just how limited the technology still is from being ready for prime time.