18 Cents a Gallon? 20 Cents? Two Governors (MN & OH) Float Major Gas Tax Hikes

The prospect of raising gas taxes often makes politicians skittish, whether at the state or federal level. But two Midwestern governors — one Democrat and one Republican — are showing no such qualms. They’re not only calling for gas tax hikes, they’re calling for those hikes to be big.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, is leading the charge to raise his state’s gas tax by 18 cents a gallon. That’s on top of the 28 cents a gallon Ohio currently charges motorists, and it’s roughly equivalent to the 18.4 cents the federal government has charged on every gallon of gasoline since 1993.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, is going even further, with a call for a 20-cent hike of the state’s gasoline tax. That’s more than Walz had suggested in his gubernatorial campaign, when he advocated for a 10-cents-a-gallon increase. Minnesota’s gas tax now stands at 28.6 cents per gallon.