14th Street busway plan threatens safety on side streets, NYC council speaker Corey Johnson says

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson sharply criticized the 14th Street busway Monday as the city project to improve bus service continues to be held up by litigation.

The busway would ban through-traffic on most of the busy Manhattan corridor to accommodate the street’s 26,600 daily bus riders. Though the city has studied area traffic volumes and believes nearby side streets can appropriately absorb diverted traffic from 14th Street, Johnson asserted the plan was drafted in a “piecemeal” fashion that could threaten safety on those roads.

“I’m afraid that if you have the box blocked on these side streets and cars can’t turn because the block is totally backed up going across town, then it’s going to create unsafe conditions for pedestrians, for cyclists, for people who live on those blocks,” Johnson said during an appearance on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. “That’s what I’m concerned about.”